Just make something cool

By: Devin Jones

“If you have an idea for something cool,
just make it.


So let me get this straight.

I can use company time and resources to come up with an absurd idea that has nothing to do with our clients, or new business, or really, anything…

And then, just like, create it?


Whoa. Cool.

This was one of the first conversations I had with The Brass at TTC when I first started working here as a copywriter.

I couldn’t believe it. As long as it didn’t interfere with, ya know, our clients who actually pay for work, The Truck was giving the creatives full support to produce any content we wanted. Whatever the idea, no matter how nonsensical or irreverent, was fair play. No briefs. No focus groups. No clients. The extent of the approval process was that if it made us shake our heads and laugh while saying “This is so ridiculous,” it was a go.

Well, challenge accepted. Because I had an incredibly ridiculous idea stuck in my craw for years that was begging to be let out.

So I wrote a script for sketch. The Bosses shook their heads and laughed. (Whether it was at me or the idea is still up for debate.)

Then they said, “Here’s a budget. Go put it together.”

Boom. We were off. We rounded up a little cast, a little crew and (most importantly) a little food and shot the dang thing.

And what exactly was that dang thing you ask? Oh, just a five-minute video containing approximately 30 celebrity cheese puns. That’s what I was getting paid to do. Ridiculous.

But the question still remains.
Why did they let us do this?

Why did The Powers That Be give us a pass (and money!) to just have fun and make some silly content?

The answer is pretty simple. Creativity begets creativity.

If you’re given the complete freedom to run around and exercise your creative muscles, it inspires and motivates you to keep doing good work for your clients.

I gotta hand it to ’em. It’s a pretty genius way to squeeze the most creativity out of us. The ole “Let Them Make Something Cool for Themselves Then Use That Momentum to Have Them Come Up With Good Stuff for the Agency” trick. Classic.

But really, the autonomy I was given to just simply create, even something as silly as a cheese pun video, completely energized me and instilled confidence to come up with more great ideas for the next project.

Whether you’re afforded the opportunity to create some cool stuff at your company or not, it’s important to make time for your creative passions to keep those creative blades sharpened. Because you never know when that passion can lead to something great.

Even if that passion is creating a cheese called “Brieyoncè.”